Programs highlights sisters service to the community

ST. MARYS – A part of Sunday's Community Celebration honoring the Benedictine Sisters of Elk County is a detailed program featuring a listing of each of the 281 sisters who served at St. Joseph Monastery throughout its 162-year history. Those attending the service will receive a small 15-page program complete with vespers service details, program information and listings of each sister who served in St. Marys, their date of birth and death if applicable, locations of where they transferred and additional monastery information.Among the current 17 Benedictine Sisters currently serving at St. Joseph's are: Victoria Marconi, Mercedes Miskovish, Kathleen Warner, Mary Bernard Lander, Roberta Ochs, Joachim Frey, Mary David Lecker, Mary James Dippold, Margoretta Judy, Monica Steiner, Gemma Cuccaro, Helen Herbstritt, John Paul Bauer and Dolores Dean. Those who served as Prioress were Raphael Baker, Laura Vallimont and Jacinta Conklin.A total of 209 sisters are buried in the monastery cemetery in St. Marys.