Plans under way for annual spring tire collections

ST. MARYS – Spring is almost here, which means area residents will once again begin the tedious task of spring cleaning. For those looking to dispose of old passenger vehicle tires, the Elk County Solid Waste Authority recently set the dates for their annual tire collections. "We've already had calls about when we're going to do tire collections. Everybody wants to know," said Bekki Titchner, Elk County recycling/solid waste coordinator. Titchner recently informed solid waste authority members that in addition to the three tire collection sites they sponsor, Ridgway Township will also be holding its own tire collection this year. "I'm going to register their collection under ours, but they will be paying for their own roll-off container and taking care of their own collection," Titchner said. That collection will be limited to township residents, Titchner added. Titchner also questioned authority members on whether they thought the authority should only pay for the rental of two 30-yard roll-off containers for each of their three collection sites and stipulate that the host municipality would then be responsible for the cost if any additional containers were needed. Tire collection sites are typically held in the City of St. Marys, Ridgway Borough, and Jones Township, and Titchner explained that while there typically is not a problem in St. Marys or Jones Township, Ridgway Borough has gone over two containers almost every year. She estimated that about a hundred tires will fit in each roll-off container if they are stacked well. Both Fox Township and Jay Township also hold their own tire collections and transport the tires to the landfill. "We've gone over (in Ridgway Borough) almost every year. They've used like four or five," Titchner said.She added that with Ridgway Township holding their own collection this year as well, it might, in turn, reduce the number of tires received in Ridgway Borough. Elk County Solid Waste Authority Chairman Russ Braun expressed opposition to Titchner's proposal to charge municipalities that go over two containers. "My concern is that I can see a municipality saying, 'No, we don't want it then because if it goes over we're going to have to pay for it, so we don't want it. Don't do it at all.' So then what do they do with their tires?" Braun said. Pick up a copy of the Friday, March 2, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.