Piano and voice instructor offering more than lessons

WILCOX – Tracie Pretak, owner of Grace Notes Studio in Wilcox, teaches piano and voice lessons to students ranging from five to adult. Pretak held a Pro Concert Series to showcase the talents of Kathryn Polaski, Bailey Pretak and herself. Pretak developed the series so Polaski could become adept at performing difficult pieces in front of a crowd. “I want to develop Kathryn’s talent as much as possible because I believe she will do something with music in the future,” Pretak said. “Kathryn was born to do this. The only thing standing in the way of a career is herself.”Pretak provides two different concert series: a Pro Concert for her advanced students and the Young Artist Series to feature her voice and piano students. “I started the pro concert series because my student Kathryn is very advanced at piano and I wanted her to perform several pieces in front of an audience,” Pretak said. “I wanted to prepare her for her future in music.”Pretak has been teaching Polaski for nearly eight years. “I taught Kathryn’s older sister and she was always trying to catch up,” Pretak said. “Kathryn is very driven and loves the challenge. With some students I either have talent or drive, but with Kathryn I have both.”Polaski is the daughter of Pat Polaski and Pam Anderson of Wilcox. She is currently a sophomore at Johnsonburg Area High School where she is involved in cross-country, track and basketball. Besides playing the piano, Polaski practices the harmonica, accordion, alto saxophone, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, guitar and organ. She currently plays piano at Gunner’s Restaurant in St. Marys. “Playing at Gunner’s gives Kathryn a different kind of opportunity to play in the public,” Pretak said. “This helps her learn to deal with the noise around her.”Pick up a copy of the Monday, Nov. 14, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.