Pennsy Station dodges wrecking ball

The Ridgway Borough Council approved a proposal Monday night which put an end to a 14-year dispute with the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad and ultimately saving the Pennsy Railroad Station from demolition.Ridgway resident Dennis D. Heindl provided a $50,000 grant to restore the outside of the building to its original form.According to Heindl, no tax dollars will be used for the restoration and maintenance."It wasn't an easy sell, but we had to do it," Heindl said. "We will have it covered for down the road and hopefully this will never come up again."According to the contract between the borough and the railroad, the station cannot be torn down unless it is not kept up to borough code.Also, the B&P Railroad agreed to pay for the lighting and have dropped all demands on the insurances."They are allowed to rent it and if they do rent it, which is only fair, they have to go on the tax rolls, and the borough will benefit there," Heindl said. "They do not receive taxes on it now and if they do rent it you are going to get tax money out of it." Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway Borough CouncilMonday, Dec. 197 p.m.Municipal Building