Parish honoring samaritans

St. Leo Magnus Roman Catholic Church parish will honor samaritans Sunday at 6:30 p.m. at St. Mary's Church in St. Marys.Among the honorees will be Helen Rohr, the secretary at St. Leo's; she will be receiving the bishop's commendation for service medal."She served here as the parish secretary for the past 35 years," said Brian Vossler, pastor at St. Leo's. "There will be a ceremony with a light reception at the St. Mary's Church this Sunday beginning at 6:30 p.m. "We wanted to honor her for her dedication and commitment to the parish here at St. Leo's."Denny and Rose Heindl also will be recognized for their generous donation to renovate and refurbish St. Leo's Church in Ridgway."Back in the spring when we had our dedication ceremony for the reopening of the church, I had a papal honor for Denny and Rose Heindl, they were supposed to receive it at that point but the Vatican did not have it sent to us in time," Vossler said. "When the bishop comes for Sunday's ceremony, he will present Denny and Rose [Heindl] with that papal honor. "We've already made reference to it before but this will be the actual honor that will be presented to them. They're two individuals who will be recognized for their generosity and certainly their years of commitment."