Pair of Ram seniors receive Coach Fulton Memorial Scholarship

JOHNSONBURG – Johnsonburg seniors Joe Holmberg and Louie Imbrogno were announced as recipients of the 2nd Annual Coach Bill Fulton Memorial Scholarship. The announcement was made yesterday at the Johnsonburg boys basketball banquet. Fulton’s daughter, Chris Clark, was on hand along with one of her sisters, Staci Fulton. “They wrote essays on what basketball means to them, on what Mr. Fulton means to them,” Johnsonburg varsity head coach Bill Shuey said. Clark spoke of the honor it was to be at the banquet. “It’s very much an honor to be here as a representative of our father, coach Bill Fulton,” Clark said. “This is the second year for the scholarship, the Coach Fulton Memorial Scholarship. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 18 months since our father passed away. In many ways, it seems like it was yesterday. Every day, I think of my father, especially around this time of year with college basketball. The scholarship will definitely keep our father’s memory alive with the youth of Johnsonburg in the boys basketball program.” Clark said the scholarship is usually only given to one senior but both Holmberg and Imbrogno were so equally qualified, the decision was made to give a dual award. “This year, the scholarship was very difficult to decide,” Clark said. “The two candidates, Joe and Louie were very close in their GPAs and their abilities. We chose not to choose and chose to award a dual scholarship here to both Joe and Louie. These guys are outstanding scholars and athletes. They’ve both shown a dedication to the game of basketball which is what our scholarship is based on.”Clark went into detail on how Imbrogno wanted to drive home a deeper point to basketball. “In his essay, Louie mentioned it’s not all about the game of basketball to make yourself a better team player or person,” Imbrogno said. “Our father really tried to drive home a deeper meaning than the game, that it was more than just a game on the court, it’s more about the skills that you learn while you are playing basketball.”Clark spoke of how Holmberg wrote of giving it your best effort and not quitting. “Joe stated that the most important thing he learned from our father was to give it all and not give up,” Clark said. “This was another fundamental idea that our father tried to instill in our young players. He had a very low tolerance for those who didn’t want to give 110 percent on the court. He was a tough coach but a fair coach.”The amount of the scholarship will be awarded at graduation.