PA Wilds juries new members as part of artisan trail initiative

The Pennsylvania Wilds recently brought in seven new artists and three new trail stops from the 12-and-a-half county PA Wilds region. Ta Enos, PA Wilds Small Business Ombudsman, says the artisan trail initiative has been in place since 2003 and is a project of the PA Wilds.“It focuses on raising profitability and promoting artists in our region,” Enos said. “The brand displays high quality products so they can be sold at a higher price, and it helps artists get their products to market.”The PA Wilds began to support economic development in this region. The artisan trail initiative helps clearly define culture in the communities. “The artisan aspect has always been an important feature because it helps create an authentic destination,” Enos said. “It helps reflect who we are and help define our culture.”Defining the culture of the PA Wilds region helps bring tourists to businesses and keep those businesses vibrant. “It is so important to be an authentic destination,” Enos said. “When people come here they don’t want to take home trinkets; they want to take home something specific to our region.”Businesses benefit from marketing, but they can also be an adamant part in supporting their community. “It is a great program because it raises the visibility of local artists, products and businesses,” Enos said. “The more we can source things locally, the more money will stay here and support our small towns.”The process of becoming a juried artist or trail stop involves going before a panel and presenting work and declaring their business as a supporter of locally made products. The benefits of being a PA Wilds juried artist and trail stop is the participation in the PA Wilds Artisan Trail initiative as well as brand and marketing ingenuity. To find out more about the PA Wilds Artisan Initiative visit up a copy of the Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.