Outreach Center presents final performance

The River Outreach Center held the final drama performance of Reality Outreach Ministries "Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames" Tuesday night along Gillis Avenue in Ridgway."I have known of this program for 20 some years now," said pastor Bill Braley of Living Waters Christian Church. "I saw what a huge impact it had on people that attended. I have never seen an audience moved as much as I have in this production and that is the reason why we went all out to try and get them here. "They are very busy. We had to book them way in advance."Close to 100 people took advantage of the free drama provided by Reality Outreach Ministries, though many donated what they could to help spread the group's message."It makes a difference in communities, it makes a difference in individuals," Braley said. "Even though we target teens and adults in their 30s with the Outreach Center, it is really impacting all ages here. "It's just a very powerful presentation."The Ohio-based group travels the world directing local residents of anywhere from 50-60 people."We come in and show everyday life events, vignettes of life and death scenarios, from drug scenes, car crashes, overdoses, suicides, heart attacks and everyday life events of people that face death," said Carl Bath of Reality Outreach Ministries."It is a religious-based ministry drama production that we perform all over North America and different parts of the world as we come in and direct a local cast."Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, June 29, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.