NRA completes high power team championships

The team competitions in high power were completed Friday at the Ridgway Rifle Club as part of the NRA National Silhouette Championships. Team “Mexico 2” was the overall winner in standard rifle with a score of 173. Team members are Jorge Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico), Angelica Kuess Davila (Laredo, Texas) and Enrique Kuess Sr. (Laredo, Texas). Team “PE ELL #1” was second overall with a 172. Team members are Dennis Martinen (Yakima, Wash.), Laura Goetsch (Whites Creek, Tenn.) and Eric Boos (Little Rock, Wash.)In master class, Team “Ridgway PA Rifle & Pistol” were the winners with a score of 168. Team members are Ben Marzella (Ridgway), Wally Howard (Hazel Hurst) and Fred Kielbowick (Ridgway). Second place in master class was Team “Mexico 1.” Team members are Enrique Kuess Jr. (Laredo, Texas), Gabriel Guerra (Monterrey, Mexico) and Carlos Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico). In AAA class, Team “2 Hops & A Skip” were the winners with a score of 150. Team members are Brian Launer, Ken Haupricht and Kenneth M. Haupricht, all of Johnsonburg. In second place was the team of “Ridgway Canadiens” with a team mark of 144. Team members are Harold Frey (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), Peter Sedman (Clifford, Ontario, Canada) and Brad Maxwell (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada).“Team Australia” was third with a score of 124. Team members are Russell Teale (Queensland, Australia), David True (Canberra, Australia) and Anthony Finn (Bracken Ridge, Australia). Team “B.A.S.S. Kitties” was the AA class winner with a score of 137. Team members are Mary Watkins (Merritt Island, Fla.), Susan Peery (Churchton, Md.) and Mallory Nichols (Fort Smith, Ark.) Team Walnut Creek was the A class winner with a score of 81. John McInchak (Erie), Richard “Mickey” McBride (Erie) and Thomas Danias Sr. (Erie). In high power hunting rifle, Team “Mexico 1” with Gabriel Guerra, Angelica Kuess Davila and Enrique Kuess Jr. won the team championship with a 166. Team “PE ELL#1” (Dennis Martinen, Laura Goetsch, Eric Boos) was second at 158. In master class, Team “Ridgway PA Rifle & Pistol” (Ben Marzella, Wally Howard, Fred Kielbowick) won with a 153. Team “PE ELL#2” was second at 124. Team members are Larry Steiner (Bellingham, Wash.), Loren Peter (Vancouver, Wash.) and Steve Wooster (Chehalis, Wash.) Team “Ridgway Canadiens” (Harold Frey, Peter Sedman, Brad Maxwell) won AAA class with a 141. Team “Mexico 2” (Enrique Kuess Sr., Carlos Moreno, Jorge Moreno) was second at 140. In AA class, Team Harrisburg Hunters & Anglers won with a 121. Team members are Gerold Johnson (Duncannon), Luke Johnson (Marysville) and Randall Samick (Harrisburg). Team “New York Rifle & Pistol Association” won the A class with a team mark of 80. Team members are Peter Kofira (Endwell, N.Y.), Robert Jodoin (Endicott, N.Y.) and Ken Kasprzyk (Fillmore, N.Y.)