No Regional and Pennsylvania Little League Championships in 2020

By Bob Parana - Staff Writer

There will be no Pennsylvania Little League Regional or State Tournaments for the 2020 season. Pennsylvania Little League has cancelled any Regional and State Tournaments for the 2020 season. They have not ruled out regular season play and the possibility of district tournaments. The Information came via email from the Pennsylvania Association of District Administrators. The 2019 Senior Little League Champion Elk-McKean team (pictured) and other teams will not have the opportunity to defend their titles.
Excerpts from the email:

"The Pennsylvania Association of District Administrators has cancelled all 2020 Pennsylvania section and state level tournaments for all divisions of Little League.
Leagues that were scheduled to host a section or state tournament in 2020 will be given the opportunity to host that tournament in 2021.The Association took this action due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus mitigation. The probability of some counties of the state being able to resume Little League activities at different times than others makes it problematic to be able to schedule section and state tournaments where all areas can participate. Leagues will need to follow state and local authority guidelines as to when they will be able to resume activities. Each individual district in the state has the option to have a district tournament at the completion of their regular season, if feasible."
Ty Knopp from Eastern Region would like leagues to wait until the end of May at least before deciding to cancel seasons - if that is the route that is taken.
We'll be passing on more information in the Tuesday print edition of the Ridgway Record.