A new era begins for Ridgway varsity wrestling

New faces will be all around the Ridgway wrestling program this season. First-year head coach David Fordoski takes over as the varsity head coach for Ridgway wrestling after the retirement of Gary Gerber this past winter from that post. Fordoski said the team may be limited in varsity starting experience but the team is full of wrestlers with an excitement and work ethic for the program. “The kids have been excited to be here,” Fordoski said. “Most days everybody’s here and everybody’s being responsible. That’s one of the things that we’re concentrating on this year is being responsible, being here, getting 100 percent effort every day out of everybody including the coaching staff. We all know what we have in front of us. We know it’s going to be a tough year but that’s what’s exciting about it. The coaches are doing everything they can and the kids are exceeding our expectations so far with their work ethic and their excitement to walk into the room every day.”