Municipal authority resubmits proposal to DEP

JOHNSONBURG – The Johnsonburg Municipal Authority [JMA] held a special meeting yesterday afternoon to approve a revised proposal after the Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] denied the Hunt Marcellus Operating Company's request to buy water from the municipal authority.Authority members voted unanimously in favor of the revised proposal.The agreement states that the JMA will supply 157,000 gallons of water at either the Silver Creek and Long Level Road intersection or at the Silver Creek Water Plant. "The reason we are here [Thursday] is to approve the agreement with Hunt, which would spell out withdraw points for 157,000 gallons of finished water," said chairman Eric Poague. "All of the other details are the same, the only thing that was changed is we eliminated the withdraw point on Market Street, which DEP had a problem with because that would be taking out of the Powers Run side of the water system." Members of the JMA held a meeting with the regional director and members of DEP last Friday in Meadville to review necessary requirements for them to begin selling water."All in all I would say it was a so-so meeting," Poague said. "The regional director seemed very cooperative and wanted to get us to the point where we could sell water. He realized that we have millions of dollars to gain from the sale of the water, but they want us to jump through some hoops first before they will let that happen."Pick up a copy of the Friday, July 1, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.