Municipal authority evaluates water system project

Representatives from Metaldyne attended Thursday night's Ridgway Township Municipal Authority meeting to discuss the installation of two fire hydrants and a sprinkler system at its facility along Rocky Road in Ridgway.According to Metaldyne's Safety and Environmental Manger Bob Tami, the company's insurance provider will permit up to $1.8 million to spend on the project."Basically we need your [municipal authority] help as we start the project," Tami said "Our problem is we have to have it done by the end of this year. We need your help, at least, to make sure it goes well."The project will require running a 1,200 foot line along the side of the Metaldyne building."They wanted us to loop it the whole way around the building, but i think the cost is going to be prohibitive of that," Tami said.Tami also inquired where to tie the 1,200 foot line in with the township's water line.According to works superintendent Carl Gosnell, an eight inch tap was installed in 2007 during the Water Improvement Project, but whether the Metaldyne can tap on to it will depend on the plans for the project."I imagine the engineer would have to get involved to see whether we have the capacity to reach their requirements," Gosnell said.A fee would Tami said the water pressure from an eight inch line would be adequate based off a flow study."They felt there would be adequate pressure," Tami said. "The problem is that it's going to have to be 1,200 feet down and we will do two hydrants."Pick up a copy of the Saturday, March 3, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway Township Municipal AuthorityThursday, April 57 p.m.Township Municipal Building