Municipal authority continues search for water leaks

The Ridgway Township Municipal Authority discussed water accountability concerns during their regular meeting Wednesday night.Works Superintendent Carl Gosnell reported locating two water leaks in the service lines in the Boot Jack area. "One was repaired by the customer as it was on their service line and the second was repaired by the Municipal Authority since it was between the main and the curb box," Gosnell said. "We are pretty confident the combination of those two leaks will take care of the unaccountable water we have had in the last couple months."According to township official William Seely, the township can account for 82 percent of its water."I don't think we are really doing what should be done," Seely said. "We are down to the 80-percent range and that is terrible."Chris Klase, assistant to the works superintendent, said they have and are in the process of searching for other potential water leaks."We have been out and about searching, and that is how we found those two [leaks] in the Boot Jack area," Klase said. "We have pretty much been listening on curb boxes for the last month. We have to start somewhere and we have started with Boot Jack."Seely suggested to the Authority to begin using the Fairview Hill Road area as a focal point to search for leaks."I'm looking at statistical numbers and the statistics show there is a problem," Seely said. "Fairview really is the key. I hate to see water that we pay for wasted."Pick up a copy of the Thursday, April 5, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway Township Municipal AuthorityThursday, May 37 p.m.Municipal Building