Milliard sentenced to a minimum of 20 years

Staff Writer

Francis Anthony "Tony" Milliard, 58, of the Jefferson County Prison, was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years at the State Diagnostic and Classification Center in Pittsburgh after being found guilty of brutally assaulting Todd Asti in 2011.
Milliard could serve as many as 40 years in prison for the incident, and at the earliest, he will be 81 years old before becoming eligible to be released from prison.
Milliard said on Wednesday that he plans to file a direct appeal with the Pennsylvania Superior Court, although that appeal will be pending a review from new counsel as President Judge Richard A. Masson approved new counsel for Milliard on Wednesday as Milliard stated that his attorney, Jeffrey S. DuBois was inadequate during the trial.
Milliard maintains his innocence.