Launer becoming a successful headband entrepreneur

Staff Writer

Johnsonburg native Rob Launer has found success taking an idea and turning it into a dream come true.
A work-out enthusiast, the 1997 Johnsonburg High School graduate now operates Baker Bands, a custom made headband company based in Cleveland, Ohio. His wares are currently sold throughout the nation and in three countries.
Launer searched and searched to find the “perfect” headband and had no luck, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.
“I’ve been a headband wearer forever. There’s nobody that does what we do. I checked with Nike and Adidas and it is basically made in China stuff. I thought there was a need for it”, he said.
Thus the formation of Baker Bands started in his Cleveland garage.
“It took me about three months from the end of April to the beginning of July last year. I went through different fabrics to find out what stretched well. I checked out different threads and wanted to make something that’s going to hold up on your head. I needed something thick enough so I could do a design on both sides to make it reversible,” Launer said.