Kemmer takes 3rd seat in upset over Beimel

Republican Janis E. Kemmer reportedly took the third seat Tuesday as she upset incumbent Democrat Ronald T. Beimel in a closely-contested election for one of three Elk County commissioner seats."I am in awe," Kemmer said in a telephone interview late Tuesday night. "I'm very honored, truly blessed, and I'm very humbled by the voters."I will do my very best to represent the voters."With all 33 precincts reporting, Kemmer held an unofficial lead of 133 votes over Beimel with 30 write-in votes unverified as of press time. Kemmer garnered a reported 3,099 votes.Incumbent Democrat June Heigel Sorg was the top vote-getter with 3,999 votes unofficially. Incumbent Republican Daniel R. Freeburg was second with 3,776 votes unofficially. Beimel brought in only 2,966 votes unofficially.Of all the votes cast, 558 Democrats voted straight party while 420 Republicans voted straight party, unofficially. Unofficial results on the Elk County website indicate that 38.09 percent of registered county voters cast ballots in the election.In the race for three county auditor positions, incumbent Republican Jerry Goetz garnered 3,838 votes unofficially while fellow incumbents Karen Gies and Elizabeth A. Mader received 3,456 votes and 3,421 votes, respectively. There were 30 unverified write-in votes as of press time.Republican Susanne Straub Schneider had a comfortable lead of nearly 1,700 votes unofficially over Democrat Sarah Dickinson.Incumbent Democrat Register & Recorder of Deeds Pete W. Weidenboerner ran unopposed with over 6,400 votes unofficially.Incumbent cross-filing county Treasurer Peggy Brown Schneider collected nearly 7,000 votes unofficially and was unopposed. Twenty-eight write-in votes were unverified as of press time.Newcomer Republican Michelle Muccio had a safe lead of nearly 2,200 votes unofficially over Democrat Keith VanHorn for county coroner.Incumbent Elk County Sheriff Jeff Krieg toppled Republican Blaise Dornisch with an unofficial lead of over 1,600 votes.Three seats were up for Ridgway Borough Council and newcomer Rich Parrish, who cross-filed, unofficially tallied 791 votes. He was followed by incumbents J.R. Geitner, council president, with 577 votes, and incumbent Frank Quattrone with 523 votes, respectively. Incumbent Jamie Snyder was ousted with only 456 votes unofficially. Seventy-eight write-in votes were unverified as of press time.One seat was up for grabs on the Ridgway Township Board of Supervisors as incumbent Sarah Dickinson ran for county prothonotary and did not re-run for township supervisor. Newcomer Rick Glover, a Democrat, unofficially received 425 votes to take the seat.For the Ridgway Township auditor position, Laura McCartney, a Republican, received 452 votes. In Spring Creek Township, incumbent Democrat Donna Kosick received 28 votes for supervisor; there were a reported 29 write-in votes that could not be verified as of press time. A four-year term for Spring Creek Township auditor went to Sue Gnan with 56 unofficial votes.For Magisterial District Judge 59-3-02, incumbent cross-filing George Tony King carried all 19 precincts with a reported 2,559 votes unofficially. He ran unopposed.In Johnsonburg, three seats were up for borough council as Duane Duffy, who cross-filed, took 386 votes while James DeAngelo, who also cross-filed on the ballot, tallied 375 votes; Republican J.R. DePanfilis rounded out the voting with 273 unofficial votes.For Johnsonburg Area School Board Region I, incumbent Republican Robert J. Paladino, also serving as board president, garnered 295 votes unofficially. Incumbent Richard Louie Wolfe, who cross-filed, was re-elected with 275 votes unofficially. Newcomer Democrat William Bullers was left out of the two-seat race with 245 votes unofficially. There were six unverified write-in votes as of press time.Thirty-one write-in votes for a four-year Region II school board seat and 15 two-year Region II school board votes could not be verified as of press time. Newcomer Republican Todd Fannin garnered 134 votes for a Region III school board position. There were 16 unverified write-in votes as of press time.With five seats up for grabs on the Ridgway Area School District Board of Directors, incumbent Democrat Eugene Pierce, who also serves as board president, was ousted with only 739 votes unofficially.With five slots open, newcomer Karen E. Lundin, who cross-filed on the ballot, earned the most votes with 1,287 unofficially. She was followed by cross-filing incumbent Cindy Chileski Allegretto with 1,119; incumbent cross-filing Kathy Lampman with 991; incumbent cross-filing Johna Holtz with 981 votes; and newcomer Republican David Whitmore Parsons with 819 votes unofficially. There were 22 write-in votes that could not be verified as of press time.In Highland Township, Democrat Paul Q. Burton Sr. earned 71 votes unofficially for supervisor. Democrat Jackie Vaughn took the six-year auditor position with 66 votes unofficially; the four-year auditor position went to Phyllis Baum with 58 votes unofficially.For Judge of the Superior Court, Democrat David N. Wecht defeated Republican Vic Stabile 3,817 votes to 3,027. In the race for Judge of the Commonwealth Court, Republican Anne Covey earned 3,631 votes, while Democrat Kathryn Boockvar earned 3,144.The ballot question of whether to retain J. Michael Eakin resulted in 4,421 votes of yes and 2,017 votes of no. The ballot question of whether to retain John T. Bender resulted in 4,264 votes of yes and 2,100 votes of no. The ballot question of whether to retain Mary Jane Bowes resulted in 4,511 votes of yes and 1,897 votes of no. The ballot question of whether to retain Renee Cohn Jubelirer resulted in 4,217 votes of yes and 2,130 votes of no. The ballot question of whether to retain Mary Hannah Leavitt resulted in 4,269 votes of yes and 2,071 votes of no.The ballot question of whether to retain Robin Simpson resulted in 4,359 votes of yes and 2,005 votes of no. Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.