Johnsonburg School District gets Kindles

The Johnsonburg Area School District recently purchased 24 Kindles for all of their Special Education Classes using grant money.  “This technology has sparked an interest in the students’ reading,” said Mary Bizzak, Special Education Reading teacher to third and fourth grade. “They come into class everyday asking if we are going to use the Kindles today. I hope that the students will develop a love for reading through the use of these Kindles.”The Kindles help and encourage the students with an important skill. “The benefits are just another aspect and another tool in teaching to help improve their reading skills and encourage reading,” Bizzak said. “Kids are technology-savvy and in tune with the Kindles; they just know how to work them.”In an electronic-savvy generation, children are inspired by the use of technology. “I think that they love the technology, and it excites them to go first thing in the morning and grab their Kindle,” said Bizzak. “Having that electronic device triggers their interest in reading. In their spare time, after they’ve finished their work for me, they’ll go and read on their own. They read ahead, and we go back and all read together where everyone left off.”Bizzak’s lesson plans have implemented the Kindles on a regular basis. “As part of my daily lesson plans I have my students read aloud from the Kindles every day for the first 15 minutes of class,” Bizzak said. “Research shows kids who read every day for at least 15 minutes will improve their reading skills.”Pick up a copy of the Friday, Dec. 30, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.