Johnsonburg high school examines traditional schedule

JOHNSONBURG – During the regular April meeting of the Johnsonburg School Board, Brock Benson, High School Principal, discussed a proposal to change the current block scheduling to a traditional schedule. “Currently the students have a block schedule and classes every other day,” Benson said. “The good thing is there isn’t a lot of transition time and it works good for labs and physical education.”On the contrary, Benson adds block scheduling isn’t as beneficial for core classes. “There is an issue with the academics,” Benson said. “If you miss one day of class you essentially miss two days of class.”The proposed schedule would switch classes from their current 78 minutes to a traditional 45 minutes. “The positive is we would be able to more efficiently use our staff,” Benson said. “We would have a lot more flexibility, which is something we need to accommodate for the keystone exams.”Benson explained the current seventh grade students will need to take and pass the state mandated keystone exams in order to graduate. “It is a part of this legislation that we are required to offer remediation to those who don’t pass the keystone exams,” Benson said. “In order to do that we need a lot more flexibility with our scheduling.”The multi-purpose period is currently scheduled for the end of the day and can hinder student efficiency. Pick up a copy of the Saturday, April 7, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.