Johnsonburg Council gives award to lifeguard

Photo by Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The Johnsonburg Borough Council convened for their monthly meeting on Monday afternoon at 4 p.m. at the Borough Office.
Before the start of the full meeting, Mayor Jack Fowler and Borough Council President Alfred J. Maletto presented Michaela Quiggle with a Certificate of Appreciation for her quick actions as a lifeguard in evacuating the pool at the Community Center when a partial ceiling collapse occurred. Maletto praised her "quick actions and calm demeanor made a horrible accident manageable." Quiggle received a round of applause from all in attendance.
After approval of the previous months minutes, the special meeting minutes from the Feb. 25 meeting discussing the Community Center Pool Repair and this meeting's agenda public comments were heard.
Don Ruffner of the Elk County Riders was in attendance to make a presentation on the "Trail Of Dreams."
The Elk County riders is a nonprofit dedicated to the support and enhancement of on and off-road recreation in Elk County. They support connecting all the communities of Elk County through trails and roads but do not endorse free ATV travel through each individual community. They would like a trailhead to be a short distance from town to offer economic benefits to the communities that accept them. The Elk County Riders are seeking letters of support from the community that would help them apply for a grant to receive funding for a grant through the DCNR (Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) to study the feasibility of connecting the Elk County trails to ones in the Alleghany National Forest and in Benezette. The Borough Members each thanked him for the well-organized presentation and approved writing the letter of support later in the meeting. 
Aileen Eckhart of Bridge Street came forward to request that the Borough remove, from at least one side of Bridge Street, the ban on 2 a.m.-6 a.m. parking as there are no other spots nearby for residents to park. While she admitted there were not many residents on the street that is mostly comprised of commercial and retail establishments, there are some and having to park two blocks away is not a reasonable option. The Borough Council agreed to discuss this with the Road Crew and the Solicitor and would get back in touch with her soon. 

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