Johnsonburg Community Trust has plans for the Brick Block

Local resident Nancy Tomaski has created an artist’s rendering, of what the Brick Block could look like in the future.
Staff Writer

JOHNSONBURG – On Monday at the Johnsonburg Borough Council meeting, members of the Johnsonburg Community Trust presented their plan for the future of the Brick Block.
"The Brick Block is a classic, and it's worth saving," said Megan Schreiber-Carter to the Johnsonburg Borough Council. "We are looking to do the right thing."
The Johnsonburg Community Trust (JCT), a 501c3 organization, was established in 1997 by a group of concerned citizens with a mission to beautify and revitalize downtown Johnsonburg. The JCT worked with Taylor & Taylor of Brookville to have a  portion of downtown Johnsonburg achieve Historical Registration status. Included in that status was the historic Brick Block.