Johnsonburg Borough Council listens to concerns from residents

Staff Writer

A full meeting hall greeted Johnsonburg Council members on Monday as they held their regular monthly meeting for August.
Several Johnsonburg residents voiced their concern over various issues.
"What we have had to deal with is intolerable," said Jessica Gent, a local resident.  "The house next to ours on Second Avenue has not had running water or sewage for years. The people that are living there do not own the property as it is in the County Repository and they have created a health crisis for all of the neighbors." 
Gent continued in stating that exterminators had to be hired to spray their property for cockroaches and rodents.
She asked the Borough what is being done to fix this issue.
Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Miller shared his own frustrations with the property and described the "legal limbo" the property resides in due to its repository status.