Horton Township adopts budget; No tax increase

BROCKPORT – Residents in Horton Township will not see an increase in taxes after the board of supervisors adopted the 2012 budget during their regular meeting Wednesday night.Supervisors unanimously approved a budget of $286,435 that will keep taxes the same. A budget meeting was held Nov. 23.In other business, officials are looking to address FEMA's [Federal Emergency Management Agency] Plan B floodplain ordinance.Supervisor Dennis Thompson said he attended a meeting in Fox Township to meet with other municipalities to discuss the ordinance."I understood before that if you didn't pass the ordinance you couldn't get any federal money in case there was a disaster, but there is also another provision for anybody living in the floodplain," Thompson said. "They are allowed to purchase flood insurance, but if we don't do this and pass this new ordinance they are not allowed to buy flood insurance. But even if you wanted to build or somebody wanted to buy your house, since it's secured by the federal government they won't give you the money, because you don't have flood insurance. We want our people to have flood insurance so we almost have to pass this."Pick up a copy of the Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingHorton Township SupervisorsWednesday, Jan. 18Municipal Building6 p.m.