Half-brother testifies to camp burglaries in Aiello trial

The second day in the jury trial of Daniel Aiello, 27, of St. Marys, charged with 134 counts of felony burglary and charges related to camp burglaries that occurred across Elk, Cameron, and McKean counties between 2010 and 2011, saw testimony from investigators as well as the defendant's half-brother, who is also charged in the crimes. Mark Paul Kimes Aiello, 20, of Kane, testified Tuesday that his half-brother Daniel Aiello burglarized over 100 camps in Elk, Cameron, and McKean counties beginning in Benezette Township in November 2010. Kimes Aiello said at the time, he and the defendant would often take leisurely drives along rural backroads while drinking beer. Kimes Aiello testified that on one particular evening as they drove past a group of camps, Aiello noticed items in the window of one and told KImes Aiello to break in and steal them. "He said, 'Go get them,' and I said, 'No,'" Kimes Aiello said. Kimes Aiello testified that Aiello goaded him into doing so and that following Aiello's challenging him to enter the camp, he did so by kicking in the door. He said Aiello then backed up the vehicle, which the two began loading with pilfered goods. Kimes Aiello said that a number of camps in the immediate area were also broken into that first night, adding that he couldn't recall exactly how many, what roads they were on, or what was taken from each. Kimes Aiello said that he and the defendant returned to Benezette a short time later and broke into additional camps, as well as some for the second time. Kimes Aiello said the stolen items were unpacked and stored at Aiello's St. Marys home. Kimes Aiello said the items that he kept he immediately sold on the Pennswoods auction website. As Kimes Aiello is also currently facing charges of burglary, criminal conspiracy, thefts, and has yet to have a trial, Elk County District Attorney Bradley J. Kraus stressed that Kimes Aiello has not been promised any plea bargain or immunity in exchange for his testimony. Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.