Gas leak sparks fear in Fox Township residents

The Penfield Fire Department reported being called out to Boone Mountain Road in Fox Township Sunday evening by residents concerned with what they thought was a gas well explosion. Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Agosti said there was no explosion, but rather a cap had blown off of a leaking pressure release valve on a cleaning tank belonging to EOG. Resources, Inc. Chief Tom Olewnick said the incident was caused by gas venting off from a pressure buildup in the tank, located behind camps lining the north side of Boone Mountain Road. Chief Olewnick said that there were no vehicles parked at the camps, and because the area was so remote the fire department did not order an evacuation. "This thing is a mile down in the woods behind these camps," he said. The fire department reported receiving the call at 7:07 p.m. Sunday night. The Fox Township Volunteer Fire Department was also called. While the pipeline is located in Huston Twp., Clearfield County, the affected cleaning tank is located in Fox Township, Elk County. Laura Flanders, a resident of 292 Boone Mountain Rd., said at first she heard a high-pitched whistling sound coming from the woods behind the camps across the road. "It sounded like a jet plane crashing down or a tractor trailer out of control. The sound just kept getting louder," Flanders said. Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.