First-grade teacher using hobby to inspire children

JOHNSONBURG – Beau Iorfido is another one of Johnsonburg Elementary School’s first-grade teachers. Iorfido plans on using one of his own hobbies to teach the children. “One of my favorite hobbies includes learning how to play the guitar,” Iorfido said. “This is something that I enjoy learning on my own time. It is also something that I will incorporate into my classroom.” Iorfido says he has found that children love to sing along and learn while listening to music. “It is so nice playing the guitar for younger kids,” Iorfido said. “They seem to enjoy it no matter how good or bad I am; they make me feel like a rock star and I love watching their enthusiasm while making learning fun for them.”In addition to creating music, Iorfido plans on keeping his students interested with the use of technology and hands-on activities. “I like to get the children moving throughout the day,” Iorfido said. “I feel that children learn best as active learners. If you would walk past my room on any given day, you could view my students participating in hands-on activities instead of seat-work. I feel that teaching in an active environment helps appeal to visual, auditory, and hands-on learning.”Not only is Iorfido going to make learning enjoyable, he intends on challenging his students academically. “Some of my goals for my first year of teaching include challenging my students above their academic level, and to take them to the next step in their learning,” he said. “I want them to leave my classroom with self-esteem and confidence so they feel they can accomplish or conquer just about any obstacle in their path.” Pick up a copy of the Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.