Fire department plans to purchase new truck

Newly-elected Ridgway Fire Department President Keith Mader and Assistant Fire Chief Joe Gasbarre attended Tuesday afternoon's Ridgway Township Board of Supervisors meeting seeking contributions for the purchase of a new fire truck.Mader said after two years of planning the fire department is prepared to purchase a new fire truck for $476,000, which will be a combination of a rescue and pumper truck manufactured by Spartan Chassis, Inc."It is going to replace the rescue truck we already have," Mader said. "We have a Second Ward Hose Company truck which has now been placed out of service."With the recent downsizing from low membership within the fire department, Mader says they are looking to the future with the purchase of the hybrid truck, which is becoming more commonplace in smaller communities.The truck combines the services of two trucks into one."This truck is a 1,000 gallon permitted truck that will pump a 1,000 gallons per minute," Mader said. "And it has a 500-gallon tank that will draw from the hydrant system in both the Ridgway Borough and Township."To help pay for the cost, Mader said the fire department is preparing to sign papers with state government officials for a $15,000 grant. Also, the rescue truck was recently sold to a chemical firm in Ellwood City."The fire department itself is prepared to use $100,000 of their own finances," Mader said. Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway Township SupervisorsTuesday, March 204:15 p.m.Municipal Building