Elections office reacts to voter ID bill

Kimberly Frey, director of Elk County's elections office, spoke Tuesday morning at an Elk County Board of Commissioners meeting to discuss the recent enactment of a Pennsylvania voter identification bill (H.B. 934, Act 18 of 2012)."For the Primary Election, there will be what they call 'a soft rollout,'" Frey said. "Every voter that goes through a polling place will have to show photo identification. What qualifies as photo identification is a U.S. federal government or commonwealth-issued ID with a picture, an expiration date on it and a signature, that's what will be required in the fall. "We'll be asking in the Primary Election for everyone to show their identification-- if they have it, they will proceed to vote as normal-- if they do not have it, they will be given a notice telling them that they will need this for the November election."All voters will be required to have photo identification by the November election."If they do not have identification at the time that they go in to vote, they will be offered a provisional ballot," Frey said. "Once they vote on the provisional ballot, they have six days in order to provide their photo identification to the Elk County Elections Office."Citizens needing additional information are encouraged to contact Elk County's Elections/Voter Registration office at 814-776-5337.Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, March 21, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.