ECC yearbook receives Jostens National Yearbook Design recognition

ST. MARYS – While Elk County Catholic High School students and their faculty advisors are working to put the finishing touches on the school's 2011-2012 yearbook, they know that they have some high standards to meet as the 2010-2011 edition was featured in Josten's 2012 "Gotcha Covered Look Book." "We were the only school in Pennsylvania that was selected," said ECC yearbook advisor Laura Anderson. "There were over 3,000 schools that were involved and only 400 were chosen."According to a news release by Jostens, the "Look Book is a collection of spreads and photos from outstanding yearbooks and their creative themes, cool covers, dazzling designs, relevant coverage, storytelling copy and action-packed photography. Along with design excellence, the annually published Look Book honors the important role well-crafted yearbooks play in helping schools chronicle the experiences, stories and achievements most relevant to students and that academic year." "It's not just Jostens saying, 'Hey, we like your page.' They used journalism professors and they used other yearbook advisors from other high schools, so it's a combination of different professionals that actually selected the spread or the pages that they feel are the most creative, and that stand out and really present the information in a correct manner," Anderson. In addition to two copies of the 2012 Look Book, ECC also received a plaque commemorating their inclusion in the 2012 edition. 2011-2012 yearbook co-editors Abbi Petrosky and Stephanie Pistner, both of whom recently graduated, were at the helm of putting together this year's edition. "The seniors set the pace. They are the ones who give the overall theme, the overall design. The underclassmen are the worker bees," Anderson said.Both Petrosky and Pistner remarked that there is quite a bit of stress that goes along with being in charge of the design process, especially when it would get close to a deadline. Working on the yearbook also requires the seniors to put in long hours, even after they officially graduated. "They come back after graduation. It's a given," Anderson said. "They know they have to come back to school to work on it. Memorial Day [was] our big deadline this year, so [they spent] their holiday here working on the yearbook, and that, to me, says how committed they are to producing a quality book because they're willing to come in after graduation, and on their own time, particularly on a holiday, to participate and continue."Pick up a copy of the Thursday, June 14, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.