EBooks coming soon to a library near you

JOHNSONBURG – Due to a huge request for the popular eBooks, local libraries including Johnsonburg, Ridgway, Wilcox and St. Marys will soon be offering the electronic version of many popular titles to patrons tentatively on May 24. These libraries are within the Seneca Library District that covers the counties of Cameron, Elk, Forrest, McKean and Warren. “Warren County had already been doing it and the eBooks were getting a great deal of use,” said Lois Strycula, District Consultant for the Seneca Library District. “When it first went live in Warren County, 95 percent of what was on the site was checked out.”In the local libraries many patrons were requesting eBooks and this pushed the Seneca District towards this direction. “There were numerous requests all across the district for these eBooks,” Strycula said. “It is currently very popular and there seemed to be a need. We are a public service organization, and we need to service the public.”The initiative will be offered to patrons similar to how traditional items are offered. “Each library has its own library website,” said Cathy Van Aken, Johnsonburg Public Library Head Librarian. “You simply go on the website, sign in using your library card and download a book. The book then stays on your device for seven days.“After the seven days the book disappears. You cannot renew it right away if there are a lot of people waiting,” said Van Aken. “But you can go back on the list to get it again.”Pick up a copy of the Monday, May 7, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.