East Branch road to undergo construction

WILCOX – During a recent East Branch Dam Safety Initiative meeting, residents and various agency personnel were notified about new updates to the project."We're considering for this project a community information system. We've done this at some of our other projects. It will be voluntary and will be a 9-1-1 type number, although it is not an emergency line," said Mike Rattay, project manager. The system consists of an automated calling list which will contact people in the evening to announce public meetings, construction activities, road closures, and other events.According to Rattay, Tab Construction, based out of Ohio, has been doing control survey work and plan on mobilizing this week at the dam. Beginning May 22, the road will be milled for one week. Temporary ramps will be installed for those residents with driveways entering onto the access road. After the milling, work will be broken down into several segments. In the first phase, road work will begin at the dam crest road from May 22 until June 15. The second phase, taking place from June 18 to Aug. 6, spans from the boat launch access road to the project office, with the third phase running from Aug. 7 to Oct. 12, spanning from the project office to close to the state route. The final phase includes tying in the access road to the state route; crews are required to work one mile onto the state route as required by PennDOT.In October, complete road paving is scheduled. One lane of traffic will always be provided during road construction; traffic control will be in place with a combination of signage and stop lights. Road plates will be placed over the road to allow traffic to travel the road while crews replace the culver stone across the road.Crews will notify property owners at least two days in advance when doing culvert work. This will take an average of four hours to replace the culverts and residents' driveway entrances."The road will be wider, 18 feet wide with 4-feet paved shoulders. Currently the road is 16 feet wide," Rattay said. "We are improving the road to allow that heavy equipment to get to the dam."He noted that it is the contractor's duty to return the road to its original state if any damage is done to the road. Access will be provided to properties on both right and left sides of the roadway.Pick up a copy of the Friday, April 27, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.