Drilling debate drags on

Marcellus Shale drilling again came up as a key topic Monday night during a Spring Creek Township Board of Supervisors meeting.Supervisor Donna Kosick suggested the potential adoption of an ordinance to ban hydraulic fracturing immediately while various legal battles regarding Marcellus Shale continue.The practice, also known as fracking, involves propagating a fracture in a rock layer while using the pressure of a fluid as the source of energy. A number of the chemicals in the fluid are said to be hazardous and may cause health risks ranging from rashes to cancer."In all these meetings that we've gone to and the seminars that we've attended, back when no one was paying any attention to what the gas companies were doing, there was an act that they put across that protected them," said fellow supervisor Richard Wittman. "All you can do is try to zone it to the protection of your people. That is what Pittsburgh is doing."Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, July 12, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.