District 9 all-star teams released

The District 9 baseball and softball leagues crowned the following schools as divisional champs for the 2011 season, as well as selected the following players as all-stars.There are three divisions: Baseball and Softball Large School, Baseball and Softball Small School North, Baseball and Softball Small School South.The schools in the league are Bradford, Brookville, DuBois Area, St. Marys, Punxsutawney, Cameron County, Coudersport, Northern Potter, Oswayo Valley, Otto-Eldred, Port Allegany, Smethport, Austin, Brockway, Curwensville, DuBois Central, Elk County Catholic, Johnsonburg, Kane, Ridgway and Sheffield.Large School Division - BaseballDivision champs - DuBois Area High School.Large School Division Baseball All-Stars:Catcher - Jordan Mesoraco, Sr., Punxsutawney; first base - Ryan Uhl, Sr., St. Marys; second base - Ty Zimmerman, So., Punxsutawney; third base - Kevin Hoy, Sr., St. Marys; shortstop - Jordan Weinzierl, Sr., St. Marys; designated hitter - Tyler Skerkavich, Sr., Punxsutawney; pitchers - Garrett Peterson, Sr., DuBois Area, Dom Kriner, Sr., DuBois; outfield - Sean Sleigh, Sr., DuBois Area; Brodi Lowmaster, Sr. Punxsutawney; Justin Quiggle, Jr., St. Marys.Player of the year - Garrett Peterson, Sr., DuBois Area.Large School Division - SoftballDivision champs - (co-champs) DuBois Area High School and Punxsutawney Area High School.Large School Division Softball All-Stars:Catcher - Lindsay Obremski, Sr., DuBois Area; first base - Taylor Powell, Sr., Punxsutawney; second base - Morgan Hanna, Sr., DuBois Area; third base - Jenna Reitz, Sr., Punxsutawney; shortstop - Megan Hillard, Sr., Bradford; designated hitter - Cassie Wonderling, So., St. Marys; pitchers - Shawnna Crago, Sr., Punxsutawney; Rachel Ginther, So., St. Marys; outfield - Amber Abers, Jr., Bradford; Carly Wallock, Sr., DuBois Area; Chey Ross, Sr., Brookville.Player of the year - Lindsay Obremski, Sr., DuBois Area.Small School North Division - BaseballDivision champs - Coudersport Area High School.Small School North Division Baseball All-Stars:Catcher - Zach Sigafoes, Jr., Port Allegany; first base - Zach Smith, Jr., Smethport; second base - Pat Valenti, Sr., Coudersport; third base - Ryan Griffin, Sr., Cameron County; shortstop - Tim McCusker, Jr., Coudersport; designated hitter - Sam Kysor, So., Port Allegany; pitchers - Jory Okerlund, Sr., Smethport; Mike Miller, Sr., Coudersport; outfield - Camrin Stuckey, Sr., Port Allegany; Brian Kane, Sr., Coudersport; Nick Goss, Jr., Oswayo Valley.Player of the year - Tim McCusker, Jr., Coudersport.Small School North Division - SoftballDivision champs - Smethport Area High School.Small School North Division Softball All-Stars:Catcher - Spryce York, Sr., Otto-Eldred; first base - Angela Smoulder, Jr., Coudersport; second base - Brooke Taggart, Sr., Smethport; third base - Courtney Rogers, Fr., Coudersport; shortstop - Kylie Mickle, Sr., Port Allegany; designated hitter - Ashley Brown, So., Otto-Eldred; pitchers - Kori McManus, Sr., Coudersport; Logan Akers, Sr., Smethport; outfield - Bri Orner, Sr., Cameron County; Krystina George, Sr., Oswayo Valley; Kristen Potter, Sr., Northern Potter.Player of the year - Logan Akers, Sr., Smethport.Small School South Division - BaseballDivision champs - Johnsonburg Area High School.Small School South Division Baseball All-Stars:Catcher - Luke Daghir, ECCHS; first base - Joe Holmberg, Johnsonburg; second base - Mike Vervoort, Brockway; third base - Mitchell Holmberg, Johnsonburg; shortstop - Ricky Pearsall, ECCHS; designated hitter - Cole Peterson, Johnsonburg; pitchers - Houston Fairman, Brockway; Ben Daghir - ECCHS; Outfield - Brock McCullough - ECCHS, Cameron Grumley, Johnsonburg, Josh Mitchell, Ridgway.Player of the year - Houston Fairman, Brockway.Small School South Division - SoftballDivision champs - Elk County Catholic High School.Small School South Division Softball All-Stars:Catcher - Tiffany Carter, Curwensville; first base - Hannah Vile, Sheffield; second base - Taylor Goodman, Curwensville; third baseman - Molly Demchak, Curwensville; shortstop - Lauresa Gulvas, DuBois Central; designated hitter - Justis Myers, Johnsonburg; pitchers - Taylor Schlimm - ECCHS, Alex Wright - Brockway; outfield - Ashley Viglione, Ridgway, Jessie Ginther, ECCHS, Katlyn Yebernetsky, DuBois Central.Player of the year - Lauresa Gulvas, DuBois Central.