Discussion over ambulance services lingers

A decision by the Johnsonburg Borough Council to appoint the St. Marys Ambulance Service as the sole provider of emergency services within the Borough of Johnsonburg has caused the Ridgway Ambulance Corporation to potentially reassess its service areas.Sean Papa of the Ridgway Ambulance Service attended Tuesday afternoon's Ridgway Township Supervisors meeting to help clarify which areas the Ridgway Ambulance would service."It's very confusing to me," said Supervisor Rick Glover. "Ten different people will tell you 10 different ways. What it is now that Johnsonburg Borough is out of the picture is that they covered into Ridgway Township. Now St. Marys might pick some of that up, where you guys [Ridgway Ambulance] were alternating or Ridgway [Ambulance] will pick it up."Officials voted in favor to support the demands of Ridgway Ambulance Corporation and to draft a letter to Emergency Management Director Michael McAllister at the 911 Center requesting that the emergency services within the township to remain the same."We understand that the Ridway Ambulance service would like emergency services to remain the same in the Ridgway Township area surrounding the Johnsonburg Borough," said Supervisor Milly Bowers.Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, June 20, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway TownshipBoard of SupervisorsTuesday, July 174:15 p.m.Municipal Building