DEP inspects construction permit

Works Superintendent Carl Gosnell reported on an inspection conducted by the Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] during Thursday night's Ridgway Township Municipal Authority meeting.According to Gosnell, the inspection was conducted for a construction permit that was issued for the Boot Jack Pump Station. "Basically, although the improvements are not completed and won't be completed until the end of September," Gosnell said, "it is the department's [DEP] opinion that we should be conducting the testing as outlined in the draft conditions. "We will do so even though the improvements aren't there and there is not likely to be any notable results to really test but that is what they want so we will operate as though it is complete. except it will not be in operation."In other business, two meter pits were installed at the end of Oknefski Road that will service three customers.The Municipal Authority will take advantage of a free six-month membership with the Pennsylvania Municipal Authority Association. The membership is to expire at the end of 2012."They sent out a notice for the free membership and over the next six months you will receive quite a bit of information that they provide to us," Gosnell said. "Those services will be available to board members during those six months and then you can make a decision if you want to continue that membership into 2013."It's free for the time being so it can't hurt."The municipal authority website, [] has been updated to include the collection procedures as discussed during the June meeting following a complaint from a township resident.Pick up a copy of the Friday, July 13, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway TownshipMunicipal AuthorityThursday, Aug. 27 p.m.Municipal Building