Deliquent water accounts raise questions for Horton Twp. Supervisors

BROCKPORT – Brockway Borough Municipal Authority [BBMA] president Mike Arnold discussed the possibility of raising rates to cover the costs for three delinquent accounts in the Elbon area during Wednesday night's Horton Township Supervisors meeting."We have been going through our delinquent accounts and we have three serious problems up on the upper end here," Arnold said. "Our attorney is looking at whether or not we can turn around and get them off of the books. We are looking at the possibility of turning around and resetting everybody's debt service to cover those three that aren't paying because we are eating that cost right now."The three delinquent accounts owe a total of $3,600.According to Arnold, one of the customers has never hooked up, has a meter and has never paid the township $1,000 for the hookup and each month his debt continues to grow.Arnold said he owes almost $1,800.Supervisor John 'Jack' Carlson said they took the customer to magisterial district court in Johnsonburg, but never received the $1,000 for the tap fee."We took him up in front of the judge," Carlson said. "It didn't help but we did it."Supervisor Dennis Thompson suggested that the BBMA bring him in front of the magistrate."Whether we got our money for the tap it has nothing to do with what he owes you people," Thompson said. "If you want money off of him, Brockway Water collects it. We don't sell water."Arnold said on another property the customer died and the house may be condemned. "The debt service continues to accumulate on the fact that the house is just sitting there," Arnold said. "When the property is sold it has to be paid to us before the thing can be settled."Pick up a copy of the Monday, Dec. 19, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.