County Repository Properties nobody’s responsibility to maintain

Staff Writer

JOHNSONBURG – Every neighbor has a story to tell about 413 Second Avenue in Johnsonburg.
The next-door neighbor can tell which way the wind is blowing because of the odor that comes from next door. Those who have lived in southern climates or densely populated areas recognize it immediately–the smell of roaches. That musty, oily, pungent odor is actually one-way roaches communicate, and even after the roaches are killed the smell can linger for weeks to months. Approaching the door to 413 Second Avenue, the smell hits you on the bottom step of the stairs to the porch, stopping people in their tracks. 
"What we have had to deal with is intolerable," said Jessica Gent, a local resident. “The house next to ours on Second Avenue has not had running water or sewage for years. The people that lived there did not own the property as it is in the County Repository and they have created a health crisis for all of the neighbors." 
Gent explained that she had to hire exterminators to spray her property for cockroaches and rodents which infest 413 Second Avenue, which in addition to the seven people who lived there also contained dogs and cats.