County makes technological improvements

The board of commissioners on Tuesday approved an accord by Zito Business for a fiber optic E-line connection between the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission and the Elk County Courthouse during a board meeting."We started this a little bit last year with a fiber optic cable running from the courthouse to the courthouse annex," said Jim Abbey, director of Elk County's IT/GIS department. "Previously, we were using a wireless signal between the buildings to connect our networks, then a wireless signal from here to North Central for our internet as the provider. We had a lot of disruptions because the weather can affect it, heavy snows, and at one time we actually had too much snow on a tree and when the branches bounced up and down it was interrupting the signal."Elk County Board of CommissionersWhere: Elk County Courthouse AnnexWhen: Thursday, Dec. 27Time: 10 a.m.Note: This is a special meeting to adopt the 2012 county budget. The document has been on display for public viewing in the commissioners' office at the Elk County Courthouse Annex.