Concert choir provides a variety of music for upcoming performances

This year’s November and December performances by the Elk County Concert Choir will be showcasing a unique take on traditional Christmas carols. Along with the expertise of Principal Director Gloria Almquist-Shull, fellow choir members Lois Sadley, Co-Director, and Rita Ordiway, Accompanist, strategically selected the "Tapestry of Light: a Celtic Christmas Celebration "for their upcoming Christmas season showings."The Tapestry of Light" is a joining of traditional carols primarily from the British Isles including Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. The music will include scripture readings and candle lightings. "These songs are taken from a familiar tune," Almquist-Shull said. "Composer Joseph M. Martin takes the tune and puts different words into it."Some selections of music are "An Advent Garden" which is to the tune of "Brother James Air"; "O’Wondrous Night" with a tune of "Londonderry Air"; "A Celtic Gloria" with a tune of "Ashgrove"; and "Carols of Celebration" which tune is "Wassail Song" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." The program will close with the "Hallelujah chorus" from the Messiah selection composed by George Frederic Handel.The combination of familiarity and uniqueness attracted Almquist-Shull to the "Tapestry of Light" collection. "I was drawn to this one because I liked the idea of the music being familiar and a new cantata," she said. "I also liked it because it was a recent publication."Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.