'Cemetery of the Innocents' displayed at St. Leo's

Photo by Christie GardnerPhoto by Brian Stockman
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The Elk County Catholic Students for Life and the Elk County Right to life joined together to set up the Cemetery of the Innocents on the grounds of St. Leo's Church in Ridgway.
"This movement matters," said Laurey Kraus, a project monitor for the ECC Students for Life and a member of Elk County Right to Life. "The lives of the unborn matter. The lives of the mothers matter. The lives of clinic workers matter. We pray for them, and we want them to know they're loved and to let them know they have better options than just to terminate the life of an unborn child."
"I would just love for people to understand the core of the pro-life movement is a prayerful movement, we want abortion to end. We want women to have a better option than abortion in their lives. This is not about aggression. I would never engage in that," added Kraus.
Near the display, in the parking lot of St. Leos, a box containing pamphlets is placed for anyone seeking abortion alternatives, support agencies, and counseling to women who are suffering after the fact of an abortion. 
"If we touch just one woman,  either by offering alternatives or offering to counsel to a person who is suffering after an abortion, it will be worth it." Laurey Kraus said in closing.