Catholic Charities awarded a grant to support Real Alternatives program

ST. MARYS – Catholic Charities recently received a $6,000 from Women Who Care to support their Real Alternatives Program. Nanci Mattison, who serves as Director of Catholic Charities, explained that the program is a way to help deter expecting mothers in a crisis situation from abortion. “In the program we provide counseling and help them look for other options,” Mattison said. “We are a pro-life agency and seek to show them alternatives to abortion, help assist them and realize they can do it as a parent.”The Real Alternatives program is always seeking funding to service clients with a much-needed item. “We see a client two times a month and provide them with two to three packs of diapers until the child is one year of age,” said Mattison. “We give 20-30 packages through the entire program.”Supporting those who need it most is the motive of the Real Alternatives program. In excess of diapers, the program assists with some formula, gently used clothing, and counseling. “Ninety-eight percent of our clients are well below the poverty line living under $7,000 per year,” Mattison said. “These are the people that are most likely to participate, and that is why we are helping them. And all that is important is helping a client to take care of themselves and their child.”The office is located at 303 Church St., St. Marys, and can be reached by telephone at 814-781-3034.Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.