Brooks enjoys work as financial planner practitioner

Born March 11, 1970 to the late Merle F. and Mary Ellen (Coleson) Brooks in the St. Marys hospital, Lisa A. Brooks was raised in Ridgway her entire life and graduated from Ridgway Area High School in 1988.“I think that growing up in Ridgway was a great experience,” Brooks said. “I have many, many fond memories. There were a lot of very nice stores, restaurants and things to do during my childhood, not to mention I have made and kept the friends I had growing up here.“My best friends are from Ridgway.”Today the area native is excited about her partnership with Aiello & Brooks, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial, where she works as a Certified Financial PlannerTM Practitioner.“I strive to help clients plan for, protect, and manage their wealth through tax management strategies, appropriate insurance planning, estate planning strategies and various investment vehicles,” Brooks said. “Ultimately my goals when working with people are to seek reduced costs in their portfolio, help manage taxes, and reduce their risk while increasing their investment return potential.”Aiello & Brooks is committed to helping clients plan to accumulate, protect and manage their wealth through a comprehensive, yet personalized, financial planning approach that incorporates thoughtful tax management strategies, appropriate insurance planning, disciplined investing and estate planning strategies. “Our extensive knowledge base and product platform are derived from numerous industry leaders, which allow us to provide timely recommendations that seek performance opportunities,” Brooks said. We pride ourselves in working with our busy, successful clients in an integrated approach to help them become empowered by understanding and managing their finances more effectively.”Brooks graduated from Pennsylvania State University in State College with a B.S. in mathematics.“I studied mathematics because I always loved that subject,” Brooks said. “It probably helped that growing up in Ridgway, we had the best teachers. I was ultra-prepared when I went to college thanks to the education I received at RHS.”Through dealing with her parents' estate settlement, she developed a taste for the financial business.“In going through that process, I realized how much I enjoyed what the financial services industry had to offer,” Brooks said. “I have been building and growing my business here in Pittsburgh since 2000, when I left Ridgway.”Brooks resides in Cranberry Township, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh.“I typically come back to Ridgway every six to 12 weeks to see clients and visit with my friends and family who still reside in town,” Brooks said. “It is a lot different now from when I lived here growing up, but it always feels like home.”