Breier appreciative in valedictorian speech

Nicole Alicia Breier was the valedictorian of the Ridgway Area High School Class of 2012 and gave an appreciative speech Sunday afternoon at Memorial Field. "Faculty, family, friends and fellow graduates. Well, here it is. Today's the day. Graduation. It's the day that has been anticipated by all of us until it's actually here," Breier said. "We would have never made it this far without the help of many people. Without them, we would have never made it to this day. We would never be here sitting on this track. They have done so much for us and we need to show our appreciation for them."Breier expressed her appreciation to many people, especially her parents for their support."I would also like to thank the teachers who were always there when we needed them; parents for putting up with all of our shenanigans and especially the custodians for always helping us clean up after our food fights," Breier said. She spoke about the friendships formed in a small town school atmosphere. "We have spent 12 years getting to know each other. Living in a small town, we all became good friends," Breier said. "When we first started high school, it seemed like senior year couldn't come soon enough but the time flew by. It seems like just yesterday we were preparing for our first days of high school and worrying about running into a senior in the hallway. Now it's over. There will be no more classes with our favorite teachers, sports with our beloved teammates or even running to the lunch line."Breier spoke of some of the memories shared with her classmates which included beating the juniors in the powder puff game, an eighth grade food fight, pep assemblies, dances and supporting the boys basketball team during the state tournament at Clarion University. "We are here together to say goodbye and good luck to those that have grown up with us," Breier said. "We are no longer high school kids. We are adults, getting ready to start the next important phase of our lives. After today, we will all take separate paths in order to reach our goals. Everyone here has the potential to do anything they want, anything they believe in and anything they set their mind to."Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, May 30, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.