Boys' soccer co-op a no-go in Johnsonburg

JOHNSONBURG – Johnsonburg school district board members denied a cooperative contract for boys' varsity soccer during last night’s regular board meeting due to the vote not being in favor of the program. Regarding other sports, Shane Launer expressed his concern about transportation costs. “Transportation (cost) seems to be escalating in other sports,” Launer said. “We are spreading ourselves too thin and need to utilize the students in the sports we have.”Other issues brought before the board was the concern about only two kindergarten teachers hired for the 2012-2013 school year. As it stands currently, there will be two teachers for the registered 43 students. If the class size reaches 44-45 the board will hire another teacher. Ray Millaird, whose daughter will be entering the elementary school this fall, is deeply concerned about the student teacher ratio. “This issue was brought to my attention two months ago,” Millaird said. “It is a tough thing to hinge all of these kids’ future on one kid. I am not looking at just a number, but I am looking at the kids with special needs.”The school board assured Millaird they are indeed in the position to hire an additional kindergarten teacher in the event they receive registration for one to two more students. “The class size number is decided on what the teachers can do with the teacher’s aides,” Dennis Crotzer, Superintendent said. “The kids are doing well in the summer classes and we’ve done all of the screenings. There will also be a full-time aide with the teachers in the classroom.“We haven’t taken it lightly,” Crotzer reassured. “It is a tough decision to do, and if we get a few students we will hire an additional teacher immediately.”Nothing was decided at Thursday night’s meeting regarding the issue. Crotzer explained the board is waiting for one registration packet to be returned, and perhaps if and when it is the board will look further into the hiring process.Meal prices were approved for the 2012-2013 school years as: high school breakfast $1.00, elementary breakfast $.75, high school lunch $1.90, and elementary lunch $1.65. The lunch prices are at a .10 increase from last school year.Pick up a copy of the Friday, July 13, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.