Borough replaces tax collector

JOHNSONBURG – The Borough of Johnsonburg officially terminated its contract with the Central Tax Bureau of Pennsylvania [CENTAX] at a special council meeting Thursday morning.In its place officials voted unanimously to appoint H. A. Berkheimer as its tax collector. "Right now we have an agreement with CENTAX to collect our local earned income tax," said borough manager Mary Polaski. "The Elk County Tax Collection Committee has recently cancelled their contract and has hired Berkheimer to replace them because CENTAX was not living up to the contract."According to Polaski, CENTAX owes money from their first quarter returns."We are short but from my understanding there are checks and returns sitting in a box," Polaski said. "It's just [CENTAX] hasn't been able to process them yet. They should have had returns sent out in April and by May we should have had our first quarter money and that wasn't happening, we were getting our first quarter money in July."Pick up a copy of the Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.