Borough postpones hearing

The Ridgway Borough Council voted in favor of postponing their civil complaint hearing against the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad for building code violations to the Pennsy Railroad Station.The hearing that was scheduled for Thursday with District Magistrate Judge George A. King will now be postponed until after Nov. 21.Council reported receiving a letter from B&P Railroad property manager William Gentilman requesting the postponement to allow time for the railroad to reach a final resolution.According to the letter from Gentilman, the railroad is taking the final steps to put demolition plans and a specific timetable in place to raze the building. Subject to getting a commitment with a demolition contractor, Gentilman believes that demolition will likely take place on or about the week of Nov. 21.Ridgway Heritage Council co-founder Dale E. Fox attended Monday night's meeting to notify council members on the Heritage Council's stand on the matter."The bottom line is the Heritage Council has continued to pursue options and we will probably keep at it until the time it comes down," Fox said. "Right now we are looking at some potentials, but we really don't feel that the decision you need to make regarding the request from Bill Gentilman-- it's not our place to be a party to that decision-- and whatever you do decide and however that affects the timeframe, we will continue to make efforts possible within that timeframe." Board president J.R. Geitner said Gentilman conveyed to him that someone was "very interested" in the building and asked if borough officials could postpone the hearing until Nov. 21."I for one have been strongly in favor of getting it demolished as soon as possible," Geitner said. "I expressed my feelings to him and I said it would be up to borough council, but this would be the last straw. They do have a person in place for the demolition, so it is up to council to make the decision."Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.