Bingo to resume in renovated social hall

After four months of waiting, Bingo at the St. Leo Catholic Church will resume on Saturday, Oct., 1 after the 5:15 p.m. mass in the newly renovated Social Hall.The Social Hall has been closed since June 1 due to the renovations."We wanted to hold a grand reopening because there are a lot of faithful customers who come every week," said principal Mary Detwiler. "We want to welcome everyone back and thank them for their patience."Participants will be given a $5 off coupon to welcome them back. Giveaways and Bingo dollars will also be distributed."Even though we are not fully completed with our renovation, we wanted to start up our Bingo," said Father Brian Vossler. "It's been our tradition here at St. Leo's for a good number of years and it is an important fundraiser for our school. We have been using the facility on a smaller scale, but now we want to start resuming former activities and bingo is one of those."Detwiler noted that all proceeds from bingo go directly to the school.Over the past four months, local contractors have been busy upgrading the Social Hall with a new drop-down ceiling, automatic lighting systems and an upgraded sound system."We've been using a lot of local contractors," Vossler said. "We wanted to provide revenue to our own community by doing this."A partition will also be used primarily for religious education programs. The partition will divide the Social Hall into three rooms.The sound system includes two hanging microphones to be used for the stage and two handheld ones to be used during the school play.Wainscoting surrounds the hall to complement the upstairs."We also boxed in the windows," Vossler said. "We are going to be putting in a stained glass cover over all of the windows."Pick up a copy of the Monday, Sept. 19, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.