Ben Carson Reading Room now open

JOHNSONBURG – The Ben Carson Reading Room is now open for students to get lost in the many pages of books within the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. The Ben Carson Reading Room is within the Johnsonburg Elementary School library, and it not only offers a variety of books but also cozy chairs and colors. The accomplishment is a thing to celebrate for Johnsonburg. Jennifer Hobbs, Elementary Principal at Johnsonburg Area Elementary School was enthusiastic about the renovated space. “The Ben Carson Reading Room will provide our students with an opportunity to read in a fun, casual, relaxed setting,” Hobbs said. “The addition of this room has sparked a whole new level of enthusiasm and excitement for reading in many of our students.”Domtar in Johnsonburg approached the elementary school about the opportunity for the reading room. The initiative was a part of the recently formed community investment committee that focuses on community engagement. “We are really excited to support this project,” Tom Detwiler, Vice President and Domtar Mill Manager said. “The community is so deeply tied to the mill, and we also make the products to allow books to be made. The recent releases of Dr. Seuss books were printed on Domtar paper; this room is a great connection.”Not including Johnsonburg, there is only one other school in Pennsylvania with a Ben Carson Reading Room. “We are truly grateful to Domtar for their generosity,” said Hobbs. “This room will positively impact many students for years to come.”Shelly Dark from the Carson Scholars Fund offered her insight. “There are currently over 70 Ben Carson Reading Rooms,” Dark said. “We are investing in our future leaders.”Pick up a copy of the Monday, May 7, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.