Barclay talks about last school moments

Greg Reedy
Record Sports Editor

Ridgway Area High School Class of 2018 salutatorian Bryce Barclay spoke about going through his senior year and the “last” milestones he and his class went through since last August in his speech at this year’s commencement ceremony.
Barclay initially spoke about graduation and didn’t want to make a huge deal of it.
“Leading up to this day for the past couple weeks, everyone has been making such a big deal out of this whole graduation thing and I wasn’t really sure why. It just feels like any other day to me,” Barclay said. “I guess it hasn’t hit me yet that this actually is the end of all I have known for the past 13 years. For all of us, our senior year has been full of ‘last’ time moments and up to this point, I have faced my ‘lasts’ in phases. First, it was my last football game, which was tough, but I still had wrestling to look forward to. Then my last wrestling match hit me hard, I was torn to pieces, but there was still a lot of the school year left. After tonight, there is nothing else left in high school.”
Barclay said once he and his classmates walked the halls for the last time, it started to sink in about the future.
“It really sunk in that we won’t have another day here or be involved in any other school activities at Ridgway,” Barclay said. “No more trips to P. Schaut’s office, no more class lunches, no more field trips, no more roaming the halls, none of it. When it comes down to it all, such a large part of our lives has been spent here in our small town of Ridgway attending school. We have all grown up together and come to know each other very well. The majority of our class has been together since kindergarten, from crayons in elementary school plays, all the field days in between and finally to where we sit now. I look at the students over there, 56 including me, and believe that our experiences have only strengthened our relationships that will last long beyond high school.

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