Authority reviews projects

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

Members of the Fox Township Sewer Authority called their monthly meeting to order at the municipal building at 6 p.m.
Thomas Holleran of the Engineering firm HRG of State College, along with his colleague Evan Newcomer, presented proposals to the authority on several project,s including the Homestead, and the Rebco force line.
Authority board members motioned for a study on the force line once the local operators were informed and communicated with HRG.
ASI test results and May DMR were brought forward for Authority review and comment, of which there was none.
In unfinished business five projects were given sewer capacity acceptance letters in the past month, including the new proposed Cellular store at 1105 Million Dollar Highway, the Ray Krise Jr. Trailer Court project at 488-490 Main Street, The P&P Real Estate Holdings project for Lot #8 of the Fox Township Industrial Park and the Greg Bauer Project — which was revised at the office on July 5. Notice of the sheriff's sale of the property at 407 Main Street was entered into the record, as the Authority holds a lien in the amount of $594.50 for past due bills.
Under new business, it was announced that Saint Mary's Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, located at 1237 Million Dollar Highway, has been sold to Dynamic Machines of Troy, Michigan, and the billing address for the property was changed.
The hospitalization plan offered to authority personnel has increased in price by $591.75 for a family plan or $106.42 for individuals. Board members indicated that they will continue to try to find a lower cost plan in this next quarter.
Bill totaling $52.866.45 were approved.
Twenty-one delinquency letters totaling $3,482 were sent out on June 15. Of that amount, $904.55 remained unpaid as of the meeting. Only one unpaid bill remains with no action taken by the property owner from the so a shut off notice will be posted. Two checks were written to the Authority which proved to be on accounts with insufficient funds.